Law Offices of  Terrence M. McGrath, LLC - Greenbelt Wills and Estates Attorney
Law Offices of  Terrence M. McGrath, LLC - Greenbelt Wills and Estates Attorney

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Greenbelt Wills and Estates Lawyer

As you look for an estate attorney, consider this: you and your family will need to rely on the reliable skills and long-term service of that lawyer to correctly execute your estate plan.

As the founding attorney of the Law Offices of Terrence M. McGrath, LLC, I work directly with clients. I do more than just the paperwork — I establish a relationship with my clients and their families so they feel confident that I have their best interests in mind at all times.

I offer free initial consultations. To schedule yours, please call 301-220-2234.

For more than a decade, I enforced the law. As an estate attorney, I use that experience to protect and enforce your interests and legal rights.

Montgomery County, Howard County and Prince George's County Asset Protection Attorney Terrence M. McGrath

Many people encounter financial difficulties late in life, which can cause significant problems. Some people have outlived their retirement savings, but they have too many assets to qualify for Medicare or Medicaid. It can be a financial burden when adult children return to their parents' homes due to the downturn in the economy. Many people who are part of the baby boomer generation experience a double financial drain when paying for the college education of their child while caring for their aging parents.

As an Estate Attorney, I am Proactive Instead of a Reactive

As your Greenbelt wills and estates attorney, I can anticipate possible financial events in your future and help you plan for them. I create legal strategies that comply with the law while maximizing preservation of your assets.

  • My trusts and wills practice can anticipate methods for maximizing asset protection and wealth transfer. The main method for achieving this is to establish a trust and thereby avoid the probate process.
  • My elder law practice can help you plan for the eventuality of nursing home care or incapacitation. I offer you ways to protect your assets from the rising cost of nursing home care and to qualify for Medicare.
  • My probate practice anticipates and plans for the disputes that can arise during the probate process, causing unnecessarily delays. I develop methods for making this process as seamless as possible for personal representatives as they manage the final affairs of an estate.

My law firm can help you maximize your assets, ensure the transfer of wealth to future generations and provide the peace of mind you deserve.

Schedule your free consultation by calling 301-220-2234 or contact my law firm online.